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"Place of the Lineage of Flowers". (300 B.C. to 900 A.D.) Ceremonial center of the Olmec-Xicalancas, it is situated on a hill from where you have a magnificent view of the volcanoes, the Pyramid of the Flowers is the most important of this site and is considered the fourth largest in Mesoamerica. In Xochitécatl there have been found many figures of women in giving childbirth and pregnant, so it is considered a place of fertility associated with the veneration of Tlazolteotl, the goddess of fertility and crops, was also Goddess of infants and women died in giving childbirth. Therefore, Tlazolteotl was the representation of the Mother Goddess, the earth that is sheltering and feeding her children. The importance of the goddesses of the land in central Mexico used to be higher than their corresponding male, hence the beauty of Xochitécatl, a cult of life and mother. Also in this ceremonial center you can find the Spiral Building, the Basing of the Volcanoes and the Building of the Serpent.

  • The admission price for Xochitécatl also applies to the archaeological site of Cacaxtla, provided it is the same day.
  • No public transport to drop you near the area, you can walk from Cacaxtla or a truck stop ask for St. Martin in San Jose Atoyatengo and you will need to walk a mile.

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Xochitécatl Archaeological Zone in the town of Xochitecatitla. Municipality of Santa Ma Nativitas, Tlaxcala.

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Tuesday to Sunday From 09:00 to 17:30

General: $ 55.00 Jubilados: Entrada gratuita/con credencial Maestros y estudiantes: Entrada gratuita/con credencial