Forest Tlaxco

General Information

Upstate, is located this colonial town surrounded by forests offers you the following options:

  • Teopan Plains One area to enjoy picnics with family, grilling meat and rest. On weekends the locals will rent their horses for a walk. The End of the Trail is a country style hotel restaurant located on this site, offers hiking, if you're lucky you'll find your way deer and has a zip. Visit our site Rancho La Paz. Riding is a center where you will see the training or rent for any celebration.
  • The Mazes It's a place a mile from downtown Tlaxco, was formed due to erosion by water coming down the hill, formed a kind of small canyons where you can walk
  • La Peña del Rosario Too bad you can climb from the village or the Rosary of the Rock, no services but can pass on to the top without climbing. Around this enigmatic stone, there are two myths: the first says that once was a peak sea, the other speaks of a flower Xochuca name, the flower that weeps, a Lordship in the remote Republic of Tlaxcala sent for to cover the grave of his daughter. If the visits, we remind you to be careful with campfires and littering.