The best known are textiles that are produced in the surrounding towns of Santa Ana and San Bernardino Contla, some families have their looms at home and others have grown by taking advantage of advances in technology combining mechanical with the hand loom, many of the produced in Tlaxcala are transported to the beaches and resorts in Mexico. Blankets, Saltillos, shawls, Cotones, Peruvian sweaters, sweaters, coats, gloves and woolly hats are just some of the products you will find visiting the shopping area of Santa Ana Chiautempan, Xicohténcatl Plaza in Tlaxcala on Saturdays and Sundays, the store of Craft Museum, among others.

  • Wool tapestries Utilizando un telar vertical de alto liso, se elaboran tapices de lana. Procedencia y compra: Guadalupe Ixcotla.