Rodolfo Rodríguez Gonzalez "El Pana"

A man of legend as a baker, undertaker, sols gelatine and peasant, in his destiny was written that he would also be a bullfighter, a stylish, irreverent and challenging, with phrases like "Bulls kill themselves, I just I put the sword "has earned a special place in the history of bullfighting. Unforgettable words to offer in the Monumental Plaza Mexico on January 7, 2007, which he believed would be his last bull. "Here's to the ladies, damsels, princesses, vague, shady, zurrapas, suripantas, vulpejas, the golden spike-heeled red, whores, buñis, as mitigated quenched my thirst and my hunger and gave me protection and shelter in their breasts and thighs, and accompanied my solitude. May God bless you for having loved so much. "Nobody imagined that this day was not the end but the beginning of a renewed Pana left on the shoulders of the Plaza Mexico and since then has continued to appear in different places showing, he still has a lot of passes to give.

Born in Apizaco, Tlaxcala in 1953.