Parroquia de San José

General Information

Parish of the XVII-XVIII, the plant has a cross and its facade is clad with brick and talavera tiles, feature led palafoxian style, adorned with baroque motifs in mortar.

The interior houses two batteries hewn stone, one with the image of Camaxtli, God protect the ancient Tlaxcala and the other with the Spanish imperial shield.

The visit to this church can do by yourself, but I recommend looking the picture of the Virgin of Guadalupe painted on mother of pearl in the eighteenth century by an anonymous author who has toured various cities in the world in art exhibitions.

May 1 # 4, Downtown, Tlaxcala.

Tel. 01 (246) 462 1106

Office Hours
Monday-Friday 10:00 to 16:00 hrs. Saturday: 10:00 to 13:00 hrs.

Church hours
Monday-Sunday 6:00 to 21:00 hrs.