The last Otomi bastion

General Information

Town with pre-Columbian origins (Otomi) who jealously guards the great legacy of over 17 varieties of prehispanic corn seed, also keeps alive the most exotic variety of corn in our country, known as "Garlic corn". We transport you in a village wagon through the streets of this colorful town to visit the workshop of weavers of the famous Otomi weaving "El pepenado" and their loom.

Already immersed in the local art, you will visit the house of handicrafts and you'll make your own scenery in seeds, it's nothing but paste seeds of many colors and varieties on a wood table, you'll be able to see the best tables made of seed in this region, we will end your trip in the house of the local "tiempero", great knower of the this culture who will join us in the tasting of an otomi dish previously prepared by the hands of your host.

Teléfono fijo (incluir LADA): 246 462-90-42
Celular / Whatsapp: 246-161-2150 o 246 47 6 05 03

$500.00 por persona